Need a Trusted Dental Lab in California?

Gregory Weil is the owner of Gregory Weil Dental Ceramic Studio, a trusted dental lab in California. Mr. Weil became interested in dental technology back in 1972. In the early days, his dental lab in California had one employee – Greg Weil himself. Now, he has over thirty employees. The Dental Ceramic Studio has seen many technological changes in dentistry during the course of its history, but it’s always remained a trusted dental lab in California.

They have evolved with the technology, instead of shying away from it. Mr. Weil and staff are dedicated to the specific demands of quality restorations. They use a four pour model system which is designed for precision contacts that you can count on. Their evolution into CAD/CAM systems makes them one of the most technologically advanced dental laboratories on the entire West Coast.

What does this dental lab in California offer?

Gregory Weil’s Dental Ceramic Studio has a robust workflow. They mostly do relines and repairs. Relines deal with dentures and they provide hard and soft reline services. The lab believes that a great fit is essential to dentures’ esthetics and functionality. Same-day service can be found in this trusted dental lab in California because at Gregory Weil’s Dental Ceramic Studio they understand that your patients don’t want to be inconvenienced without their dentures. They know the mouth changes over time and can work with so the fit of those dentures stays snug and the denture wearer feels confident with them.

They also offer a full-range of repair options for partials and dentures. They can replace or repair denture teeth, repair fractured bases and install new clasps. For everything but the most difficult repairs, they can offer same-day service if brought to them by 10AM.

In addition to repairing and relining dentures and partials, this trusted dental lab in California creates gold crowns. Why gold when ceramics have come so far? Well, full gold crowns are still the most bio-compatible and plaque-resistant option available. Gold is significantly softer than ceramics. However, it’s also gentle. These gold crowns are usually used in the posterior region of the mouth where esthetics aren’t a major consideration.

The Gregory Weil Dental Ceramic Studio also does implants. The implant department works with all main platforms and stock abutments.

How does this dental lab in California make dentures and partials?

Not only do they repair and reline dentures and partials, but the Gregory Weil Dental Ceramic Studio makes the original ones. They fabricate their dentures with the lightest, most durable acrylic bases available and match the teeth so that they suit your patient’s age, sex and other esthetic needs. This trusted dental lab in California believes that a great denture doesn’t merely need to look lifelike; they need to perform like natural teeth as well. They construct the dentures so wearers can expect to eat their favorite foods.

As for partials, the Gregory Weil Dental Ceramic Studio will work with whatever your patient needs. They can produce high-quality, esthetically-pleasing solutions. From flexible partials and traditional acrylics to metal partials RPF frames, the lab uses the best materials and teeth to achieve lifelike restorations.

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